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Let us do the

hard work for you.



Electronic and Hardcopy LCA Postings

Reduce paper shuffle by posting LCA notices electronically on your internal job board or intranet. Electronic LCA notices can be set to post online automatically and avoiding any delays in filing with the Department of Labor. You can also use our automated email response and reminders to seamlessly manage hardcopy postings.


Public Access Files (PAFs) Instantly

intraLCA™ automatically creates your Public Access Files (PAFs) based on LCA data and templates, eliminating the need for manual document assembly. You can manage all PAFs electronically using our portal, and generate them instantly in the event of an audit or request from the public.



LCAs to the DOL in seconds

Draft and submit LCAs to the Department of Labor's government online portal (iCERT) in a matter of seconds. Our unique template, search wizard and "queuing" features reduce data entry by over 80% for critical time savings during peak recruitment and H-1B filing seasons.



Reports and E-mail Reminders

Download reports instantly for easy review and cross-referencing of LCA and PAF information. Our reporting feature can send you an e-mail at the end of the day summarizing the status of your posting or ready to be filed with the Department of Labor.


LCA Posting and Certification Status

Our system will automatically notify you when an LCA notice is ready to be taken down after the mandatory posting period. You can also monitor the status of all LCAs from those that are awaiting posting at the work site through to final certification by the Department of Labor.


Online Portal for HR & Legal Teams

Use our secure online portal to centrally manage all aspects of the LCA and PAF compliance process. intraLCA™ is a fully flexible system that can be customized to accomodate the needs and internal processes of in-house counsel, outside counsel, and HR teams alike.

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