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 Make LCA compliance 

 less complicated. 

 Make LCA compliance 

 less complicated. 

We've built the best solution for HR and legal firms to manage complex employer obligations in a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud platform.

Request a demo below to see how intraLCA™ can streamline and transform your immigration processes.

Our Mission

SAVE Time, money,

and paper.

intraLCA is a comprehensive compliance management system for employers and law firms to avoid costly delays in U.S. immigration sponsorship and manage complex requirements of the Labor Condition Application (LCA) process.


Used by some of the fastest-growing companies in the technology industry, intraLCA offers powerful features such as automated creation of Public Access Files (PAFs), automated posting of notices for H-1B, H-1B1, and E-3 workers, and a simple, easy-to-use platform for you to manage your LCAs and PAFs files in one place.


intraLCA™ was developed by a team of seasoned business immigration experts and veteran software developers with a mission: to simplify compliance requirements for HR and legal teams by leveraging technology.


Let us do the

hard work for you.

Automate electronic or hardcopy LCA postings
Create Public Access Files (PAFs) instantly
Draft and submit LCAs to the DOL in seconds

Draft and submit LCAs to the Department of Labor's online government portal (iCERT) in a matter of seconds.

intraLCA™ automatically creates your Public Access Files (PAFs) based on LCA data and templates.

Reduce paper shuffle by posting LCA notices electronically on your internal job board or intranet. 

Generate reports and email reminders 

Download reports instantly for easy review and cross-referencing of LCA and PAF information.

Monitor LCA posting and certification status

Our system will automatically notify you when an LCA notice is ready to be taken down after the mandatory posting period.

Secure online portal for HR & legal teams

Use our secure online portal to centrally manage all aspects of the LCA and PAF compliance process.


Your privacy is

our highest priority.

  • PCI DSS Compliant

  • QUALYS SSL Labs A Rating

  • Global Sign SSL Grade A Rating

  • Servers housed at fedRAM and FISA compliant data centers in the U.S.

intraLCA™ does not require access to our customers' intranets or network environment. Our electronic LCA posting feature is accomplished through a simple, noninstrusive widget. All LCA information that appears through our automated electronic or hardcopy postings do not include any employee information. Information provided on Labor Condition Applications is not confidential and is publicly available through the Department of Labor website.

Contact Us

To request a demo of intraLCA™, please use the contact form to connect with our team. Our team is happy to work with you to customize intraLCA™ to fit the specific needs of your in-house HR/legal teams or outside counsel. To switch to a premium account with full functionality, contact our sales team at any time at

For technical support, please email to initiate a support ticket.

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